At Rhino, we’re committed to providing personalised fitness solutions that empower you to reach your goals. Introducing our exclusive Personal Training Program, designed to maximise your potential and transform your health and wellness journey.

Achieve Your Goals: Experience Rhino’s Personal Training

At Rhino Health & Fitness, our Personal Training Program stands as one of our most popular services, and for good reason.

We believe in providing a personalised fitness experience, which is why our experienced trainers create customised programs tailored specifically to your unique needs and aspirations.

With a consistent trainer by your side, you’ll receive dedicated support and guidance every step of the way, ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your goals. Additionally, we offer the option to share your program with a friend, allowing you to motivate each other and enjoy the journey together.

Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier you with Rhino’s Personal Training Program. Elevate your fitness experience and unlock your full potential today.

Flexible Sessions

Choose between 30 or 60-minute sessions, fitting your busy lifestyle.


Consistent Support

Lock in your preferred session times for added accountability and stay on track with weekly accountability from your Rhino trainer.

Share the Journey

Share your program with a friend at a reduced rate per week and motivate each other.

Customised Plans

Reach your goals with personalised plans designed by experienced trainers, around your unique goals and needs .

Upgrade to Platinum Membership

Unlock even more value by upgrading to our Platinum Membership, gaining access to unlimited group sessions per week. With a variety of classes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect complement to your personal training program.