Group Training

Structured group training aimed to cater for all fitness levels. An exciting mix of high intensity resistant and interval training is guaranteed to get the heart rate pumping and recapture your love for exercise.

Notorious for our contagious culture, Rhino group training is certain to inject that spark your training regime has been lacking. 

Our trainers promise is to give limitless feedback in regards to exercise technique, to provide safe, effective and fun.

Our Programs


Start your week right! By exploding back into gear and straight into the RHINO GRIND!
Bit of everything, weights & cardio, you’ll never be bored with these full body functional all-rounders…
GUARANTEED to be a bit sore & very sweaty.
Perfect way to shake the weekends misbehavior… you’ll see these bad boys feature a lot on the RHINO timetable… RESPECT THE GRIND!


It’s time to empty the tank!!!
Pure conditioning sessions designed to get the heart rate up and lungs busting…
ENGINE is real work- proper interval sessions with calculated rest periods that are going to bring out your inner athlete!

All fitness levels welcome for these ENGINE tune-ups!


Let’s light it up with the squad… Team workouts to push you and your mates!
Get physical and compete! OR catch up for a casual sesh with your besties…
No doubt the crowd favorite at RHINO.
Have fun & crush goals with your CREW!


The sneaky mid morning burner…
Mums & Bubs !? Or the keen Tradie wedging in an extra Hit-out!
There’s always room for you and solid workout at RHINO during SMOKO !!!


Let’s shift some tin!!!
Full body strength sessions – RESISTANCE ONLY!
Supervised and technique focused, these three afternoon POWER workouts are programmed to build stronger bodies!

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