Feel Better, Move Better, Look Better.

Experience the Power of Group Fitness at Rhino

Taking our passion for health and fitness, combined with our desire to see people achieve great things, we create an infectious and enthusiastic training environment for all capability levels.

Our aim is to make people fall in love with consistent exercise while we drive our members to feel better, move better, look better.

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What Our Members Say

Easily at my fittest and the most obsessed I’ve ever been with my health and fitness thanks to the team at RHINO. 😍

I’ve made life long friends in the staff and clients. Ryan and Lachy have created a fun vibe and chosen their staff well.

Reece is my trainer and every session is planned according to my goals, everything feels purposeful which I love.
The best of the best 👏🏼🤙🏼


Awesome gym, RHINO has a great vibe with an all are welcome attitude. Professional friendly trainers and awesome classes with heaps of variety. Love it ❤️


When I started at Rhino basic stretches and very simple strengthening was all I could manage. Now I am the fittest I have been in my life. Thanks Ryan and team.


Hands down best gym in the Shire! Being a Rhino OG, I had a break but came back and wish I never left. The culture within the gym is positive and the trainers are super knowledgeable, always motivating and they care about you and your goals. The classes are always challenging yet enjoyable and suit all fitness levels.

Shout out to Ryan who has built such a strong and successful business and Reece for being the best PT who I have learnt so much from!!


Hands down - best gym in the Shire! The most helpful and down to earth trainers definitely maximise the experience, could not recommend to start your fitness journey anywhere else!


I really enjoy Rhino Fitness!

The trainers are great and I love the atmosphere they create each and everyday!
I also am lucky enough to get pt sessions with Reece and through his attention to detail and knowledge on movement and weights I have not had a sore lower back or any injuries under his guidance as I have experienced in the past.

Loving rhino fitness fam and I would recommend joining or giving this gym a go!!