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Rhino 10 Person Outdoor Bootcamps.

 Team …

We’re BACK !!!…

Well almost 🤓🦏

10 person outdoor bootcamps to commence this coming Monday 18th of May

We will be holding 20 classes per week in the gym carpark. 

5.15am & 6.15am MON – FRI
5.30pm & 6.30pm MON – THURS
6.00am & 7:30am SATURDAY

classes are already filling quickly and to make sure we get to see as many of you legends as possible we’ve capped it at two classes per week for all members:)

$25 for two EPIC 45min outdoor sessions per week 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Get around it guys !!!
We are almost back – FOR REAL !!!

Miss you all so much

Get in touch with Ryan on 0414 721 082 to reserve your spot in these new weekly classes 🙋🏼‍♂️

Love team RHINO x

Hi Team,

No doubt the message has been received that the federal government have made the decision and ordered the closure of gyms for an unknown period of time. 

This is a necessary action to allow our health care system to cope with the influx of sick people and to curb the spread of the disease. We as a business fully support the decision.

We will start adding everyone to the facebook groupIn saying this, the close down is going to put huge pressure on us as a business, and we need to prepare for the following months. Whilst we are doing everything possible to support the team, and ask for relief from landlords, it may not be enough. 

What we would like to propose is a bit of delayed gratification from you – if your at all able to continue fortnightly debits through this time (reviewed fortnightly) to keep us alive we would be forever great full. 

We would then introduce a rolling system from reopen date. Offering 30 clients at a time, we would then see you get a reprieve from payments for the period through which you paid whilst we couldn’t trade. We could also offer all makeup sessions. Where we understand that this is a huge ask and not something everyone is in a position to do, this will help with keeping us a float till we can return to ripping in together. 

While we are closed, we want to see you moving daily so we will be having twice daily live online sessions from the trainers through our closed Facebook group, daily workouts posted and you will still have access to all health and fitness related motivation from the team. We will start adding everyone to the facebook group today. 

This is unprecedented time for all of us, and after talking to many clients the general consensus we have had is that we can help each other through this. The situation is obviously fluid, and could change at any time, but please be assured that if it pushes beyond the month suggested,  we will seek to find alternate capital arrangements moving forward.

We also understand that this is a stressful time for absolutely everyone, and that you may not be in a position to help, that’s Ok we completely understand if you cannot. Please email leisa@rhinohealthandfitness.com.au to suspend payments. If you do not email Leisa, we take that as a go ahead to keep your payments going.  We have been fitness business owners for 7 years now and want a lifetime of helping people be healthier, both mentally and physically. We hope that we have earned your trust enough to be here for the next 7 years and beyond. In a time where exercising for mental health is pushing its way past aesthetics, its more important than ever to stick together and stay at it.


Ryan & Adam

A message from The RHINO Health & Fitness team regarding Coronavirus COVID-19


The health of our Rhino community and team is our absolute TOP PRIORITY, and as such, we want to update you on some new measures to ensure our facility is a safe environment.


We will continue to monitor the situation daily and will be amending our response as appropriate.

We believe it’s even more important to continue exercising to keep your physical and mental health in check at this time and here are the further steps we have implemented:


1. We have tripled the hours of cleaning in the GYM – tasked with wiping, scrubbing, cleaning and disinfecting every square inch of our studio and all of our Machines, free weights, mats, rollers etc along with sinks, surfaces, doors and most importantly the studio floor throughout the day at multiple, multiple times – using a commercial grade cleaning disinfectant product.

In our Group classes, each member will be asked to use disinfectant wipes on their own equipment pre and post class.


2. We ask at this time you bring your own towel with you to group or PT sessions. We also suggest a full-size towel as this is to ensure minimum contact on the equipment. 

Your towel is to prevent your sweat reaching the equipment. It is not intended to wipe your sweat from the equipment. If you use our equipment please wipe it down thoroughly before and after use with the wipes and disinfectant provided.

3. As of Wednesday 18th March (immediately) we are asking that you wear shirts and covered shoes at all times in the facility.


4. We are havign trouble finding hand sanitizer, we hope to have some in the next 24 hours. Please use the hand sanitisers when provided, they will be placed around the studio each time you enter and leave.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds at a time before and after class as a precaution.


5. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY – if you are unwell, please stay home and follow the most up to date government guidelines.  Our team will also ask anyone to leave the studio if they are visibly unwell.

Our team will of course be permitted any time off they require if they are also unwell.


6. We have created procedures and action plans so we can be ready to service and assist our entire RHINO Community at this time.

This is a changing situation and we’re closely following updates on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and advice suggested by the Federal Government and Health authorities included in the links below:



Lastly …

We have already noticed a decline in class numbers & gym attendance, a large number of session cancellations and even some jumping to conclusions wanting memberships put on hold.

These are trying times for small business.

Though amongst all this uncertainty our mission is to continue to serve and support our community…

We urge you all – PLEASE! Stick by us! We will get through this and continue to update you on our measures but let’s stay together, work together and get through this challenging time together.

We are working tirelessly in the background, staying abreast of the situation; how we can best handle it and making plans to keep you MOVING through this tough time.

If you need anything at all, please reach out to us.


Ryan, Goodesy and The RHINO Team.

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