Jess Laubscher

Jess Laubscher…… Female Transformation Winner

Wow where do I start. My experience in the last challenge was phenomenal. Not only did I smash the goals I set for myself but I became a part of an AMAZING community that continues to support me! 

The last challenge started with me in a bit of a slump, after being a classic yo-yo dieter for years. I had done multiple challenges at other gyms in the past that put me in a severe caloric deficit enabling me to lose a lot of weight but then I ended up putting it all back on again. 

The trainers at rhino gave me the tools for LONG TERM success, as well as the support and encouragement I needed to get me through the 8 weeks. They have built such an incredible community that truly supports one another and that vibes off everyone’s success! 

I achieved some big goals that I set for myself in the last challenge. I lost just under 7kg however, to me the number is irrelevant as my real achievements came from my growth in confidence, how I felt in my clothes and the huge increase in my performance both inside and out of the gym. The challenge gave me the opportunity to find different forms of exercise that gave me joy – the Bootcamps, the boxing classes and of course my awesome PT sessions. Additionally, a large community of runners gave me the motivation and the push I needed to get back into running and smash my goal of 10kms in the first 4 weeks of the challenge. Creating variety like this meant I didn’t get bored, and there was always something new everyday! 

I’m super grateful for the recognition I got by winning the challenge and was so proud of the results I achieved. Hands down a life changing experience.

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