Tamara Daintry

Tamara Daintry…… Female Transformation Winner

Prior to starting the 8 week challenge I wouldn’t say I was overweight but I definitely was not where I wanted to be physically or mentally. I would work my ass off at the gym during the week doing at least 1 session a day if not 2 some days, I wouldn’t allow myself to consume any foods that were labelled as “bad”, I would even avoid foods that were higher in carbs/sugar (bananas, potato, brown rice etc) and I would restrict the amount of calories I was consuming massively. Once the weekend rolled around I would then go on a binge with food and alcohol whilst doing minimal exercise. Each Sunday I would feel down and very anxious due to the amount of alcohol and bad food I had consumed so when Monday would roll around I would repeat the same restrictive habits as I felt guilty for the weekend binge. I was over being labelled as the funny, party girl who would just get drunk each weekend and I was desperate to achieve a balanced life where I would still go out and have fun without feeling anxious, tired and emotional the following week.   

Once I started the challenge I set myself a personal challenge to not drink for the first 6 weeks (as I did not have any events on), track my food accurately and daily to ensure I was consuming the correct amount of calories in alignment with my daily exercise and set the goal to move every day, whether it was boot camp, yoga, walking etc. 

After the first two weeks I saw a massive change in my physique, energy levels and sleep patterns from the detox diet. No caffeine was a huge struggle for the first week but by week 2 my body had adjusted. 

About 4 weeks in my anxiety was pretty much completely gone, my productivity at work, and everyday life increased greatly and I was no longer struggling to get up in the mornings to work out before work, in fact I actually looked forward to it. 

Now that I am at the end of the challenge I can easily say this is the fittest, slimmest, happiest and most head strong I have felt in years. I am proud that I successfully reached all 5 goals I set at the start of the challenge and it shows that hard work and consistency does pay off!

I have created many new healthy habits but the best habit I have taken away is to be consistent not just during the week but on the weekends as well and to get up early and get shit done! I now have a much better understanding about the amount of calories I need to be consuming and now do not restrict myself from anything I am craving, I just need to ensure I fit it into my calorie intake. I’m also now eating more carbs than ever before and I am loving it! 

I cannot thank Goodsey enough for everything he has done for me not just the past 8 weeks but the past 2 and half years I have been training with him. I am excited to continue working hard to maintain the results I have achieved from this 8 week challenge and I am motivated to see what else I can achieve in 2019 at Rhino.

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