Grant Smith

Grant Smith…… Male Transformation Winner

Just want to start by thanking all the team at Rhino, you guy pushed me and encourage me for the whole 8weeks and it make it so easy !!⁣⁣

At the start of the Challenge I knew I had a bit of weight to lose but it’s not until I looked back to my before photo that I realised how big I had got !!⁣⁣

I have always been a really fussy and terrible eater, addicted to fast food and soft drinks.Sitting in the food seminar at the start was a real eye opener. All most every food I was eating was not doing me any favours at all.I remember sitting there thinking how the hell am I going to get through this first two week detox let alone the whole 8weeks.⁣⁣
I am pretty strong minded and if I decide to do something , I always give 100%. I knew I had to do something about my eating habits.⁣⁣

I found the first two days of the detox really hard and I was craving sugar and getting really bad headaches.l had to tell my self that I was enjoying every meal I was eating.There was not one food I was eating from my old diet !!⁣⁣
But after the first week I started really enjoying what I was eating and feeling much better physically and mentally. I was actually looking forward to my next meal.As the challenge went on I found it got easier and easier and the results were amazing. I found I was getting more and more motivated because of the results I could see.⁣⁣
I had five goals and have smashed all five of them and couldn’t be happier.⁣⁣

The whole thing was made so much easier with my wife’s support. She did all my meal planning and made all my meals and pretty much told me what I could and couldn’t eat which was such a big help. It stopped me falling back into old habits.⁣⁣
But looking back now I really love my new diet and more than happy to stick to it moving forward after the challenge which I thinks is the biggest thing for me!!I don’t get as tired , am a lot fitter and just feel a lot better all over.⁣⁣

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